Friday, April 3, 2009

First installment of Surviving in the New Economy

One of the first thing I like to talk about is being creative in the New Economy. When we were kids we used our imagination and creativity all the time. When we went out to play we invented new games, created forts to play Cowboy and Indians. Pirates sailing on the high seas. Astronaut flying to the moon. We had imaginary friends to keep us company. And of course Halloween the great creative holiday of the year.
Somehow as the years went on we lost our ability or forgot how to be creative, at least it wasn't something we practice. One of the most interested fact about recession is that many small business are created during these financial conditions. What all of us need to do is get in touch with our creative mind and think about new way to view and think about old ideas. There are books on the subject and I suggest you purchase one and read about how to rethinking everything in your life. New ideas come from old ideals, take one of your passions and reinvent that passion. How will this help you, just maybe you'll find a way of creating a business you can be passionate about.
Write that paradigm down, kick it around, look at it from all different angles, backwards, sideway, take it apart and put back together again, make it different from the first time you thought about it. I know many small business owners who started business full of fire, excitement and creativity, looking to revolutionize there industry. Full of ingenious ideals and how to put them into practice. Somehow they lost their creativity gene, in become dormant, it went into hibernation, the forget about their passion and fall into the same traps that some business owners do, the worry about the economy, labor problems, taxes, competition and now they go from fire,excitement and creativity to surviving one more year. The pressure of business will take away you creative thought.
If you study the great mind of business you'll find that creativity and imagination fueled there passion. We can do the same, visualization is one of the most important aspect of creative thought. Dream are visualization, day dreaming are visualization. Using visualization with creative through and you'll view the world in a different light.
Now here the important part, think of what you are passionate about, then create and visualize your new business or maybe just putting new creativity into the business you have. Write a book, start a
non-profit organization. It doesn't matter as long as you have passion about what you are doing. It not going to coming to you the first time you try. It may take weeks or month, or it may only take a few day. The important thing is to keep trying until you get that flash of lighting , a thunderbolt of inspiration, that brainchild that make you jump for joy and suddenly you just want to do is sit down and write that dream down . Look online to see what materials is available to give you creative inspiration. There a great book that I use when I feel stymie it called” Thinker Toys”. Don't get discourage or think that you can't do it, practice make perfect.

Second Installment – Creating the Passion to Succeed

Now that you discovered that creative force in your life. The next step is to take that vision, that creative force and developed into a burning desire to succeed. It must be the driving force in your life. Visualize your success, see the success, feel the positive energy that you need to be a winner. I suggested you write it down as a mission statement that includes your goals, what you are willing to do to make it happen. The time frame when it will happen. A long the way many people will say your crazy, that idea will never work. Look them in the eye and realize that they have no dreams and want to ruin yours. Never let this happen, no matter how many time you fail, no matter how many setback you have, never, never give up. In every failure there is a lesson to learn, that put you one step closer to success.
All the great entrepreneur had set back and problem along the way to success. The difference is that no matter what the odds, their desire to success was greater then the fear of failing. There are many great book on the subject. Read and study one that make it clear to you what you must do and then study every day until it words are burnt into you mind. Once again using creativity will help you understand your path to success. The likes of Ford, Edison, Carnegie, and Bell all had setback, but by never giving up they became legends for their innovation that revolutionize society.
Now you might think that it was easier to invent the car, telephone, light bulb, at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Think ahead to the likes of Steve Jobs of Apple, Bill Gates of Microsoft, Michael Dell of the Dell Computers , Larry Page and Sergey Brin founder of Google, Jim Casey founder of UPS, Rollin King and Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airline,Sam Walton of Walmart. Each one had a vision, all started out with just a dream, a burning desire that led to innovation in modern society.
In today economy what once was up is now down. Envision what is important to you and then find a way to make it your life work. Think about how the workforce has changed. Think about how you occupation has changed. Think about what industry and job are becoming obsolete You may have more than one career in a discipline or field that you never thought about before. How about retraining to take advantage of the New Economy? Maybe you are now a machinist, a mechanic, electrician and with the new economy shifting into the develop of alternative energy Solar,wind, bio-diesel. Telecommunication, bio-technology, computer programing, use you talents to earn yourself a way into a new industry. Health care and the modernization of medical information, think about how the Internet has change everything from the way we search for information, to the buying habits of the American Public. Utilize you skill set to make that transition. Push the boundaries of you comfort zone, discover what is important to you and never lose that passion to make it happen.
Many of you say yea, yea I heard this before, so what is keeping you from becoming the success that you dream of ? Research,study, read, learn, develop a mentor , become an expert in what ever you want to do. When someone need advice about you specialty, the first person they should call is you. The first time I went into business I failed. I made excuses, its the economy, its the competition, its the location, its everything but the truth and the truth was that was my attitude sucks. My attitude was I going to fail so I did. Now I realize that the only one that need to believe in me is me. Sounds stupid but it's the truth.
In the new economy we need to rethink how to survive. How we going to send our kids to college, take care of our parents, plan for retirement, pay for health care, buy a home,live a happy and great life .Its all about a positive attitude and making our dream become reality.